Friday, May 30, 2008

Art vs. the Artist

Sometimes the things I'm drawing start getting sassy on me.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nahas Nagassin

Random Tonal Things


Faces 2

-Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy 6/3. I know he doesn't actually laugh like that.

-the sketch on the other side of the page bleeds through a fair amount on this one, you can almost see Reagan, one of my other characters, turned around here.

Fiends 2

Fantasy vs. Science Fiction

People Real and Imagined

Some of these people exist, some of them don't. Care to hazard a guess as to which is which?

Fiends 1

Faces 1

-A self portrait and one of the few things I've drawn in charcoal that was photographed and recorded on some medium other than the original paper. The original copy of this has been lost.


This blog will serve as a dumping ground for the things that I find myself drawing. Random things will appear here, randomly. None of this will appear on my main website, mostly because sketches are generally far too numerous and lack the visual punch of actual pieces to be actually featured on a separate webspace.

Since a lot of these are scraps or rough work, there's a good chance that some of this is going to get done in ink, color and what have you, so keep an out out in other places.

All work, unless mentioned otherwise is copyright to yours truly, Patrick Tsao.

And so....

Monday, May 26, 2008


Some random things.

-created using Maya's hypershade window as a base

Soil Man

Friday, May 23, 2008

Titling 4

-apologies to Damon Albarn and the Gorillaz

Blood and Maggots

Black and White

The Mountains of Madness

-title inspired by HP Lovecraft


Tedium Storm

-made after an especially arduous day of classes

Titling 3

-modelled after a spoken-word piece of the same name, by Tom Waits.

Minimalism. Sort of.

Four Men In A Snowstorm

-this one was made entirely using Photoshop filters. No brushes or brush-like tools were ever touched while making this.


Color vs. Black and White


An Experiment In Red, Yellow, and Black

Titling 2

The bits that these are titles for are ethereal and strange, psychologically menacing experiences, which is something I try to portray.


Playing with fire.

This little experiment ended up on the title page of my webcomic, here.

Titling 1

Experiments in color and simple text placement for titling purposes, these in particular were made to accompany chapters from a serial interactive fiction bit I'm working on.

Here Be Monsters. But not really.

This blog will contain all of the modestly sized abstract and experimental work that I've created over the years that I've felt were either too deviant from my current two-dimensional work to be posted anywhere else.

All work, unless mentioned otherwise, is created entirely in and make use of the various iterations of Adobe Photoshop, and is copyright to yours truly, Patrick Tsao.

Without further ado-